Sourcing and Private Labeling Services

Request & Analysis

We manage requests from supermarkets chains, service buying groups, and brokers to develop new products by identifying the best suppliers, recognizing market trends and understanding the final consumer.



We conduct supplier research to identify the right manufacturing company that can fulfill the specific request in terms of product features, quality, quantity and service level. 


Graphic Design

With a clear understanding of labeling rules and requirements, we can manage the design and development of product packaging, advertising material, and various new product launch presentations.



We support the project development process throughout all its phases, from conception to the final product, from collaborating with suppliers to ensure that all requirements and the target price are met, to providing commercial support during price negotiations.


Supply Chain

To ensure that fulfillment expectations are met, we evaluate all possible logistics solutions, manage inventory, forecast demand and monitor shipments for timely delivery. All the while, we are in communication with both suppliers and customers to optimize supply chain operations and cost.


Final Product Monitoring

We promote and monitor sales activities by analyzing product shelf placement, product rotation, and  making recommendations in order to improve sales.


New Trends

In our efforts to develop new and innovative solutions, we put forward ideas and recommendations for new products and concepts in line with current tastes and fashions, by monitoring national and international market trends, analyzing data and by sharing ideas with our partner companies.